CLUB NEWS - February 2022

Club AGM Friday Febraury 25th at 6.00pm


Agenda is on display at the club and includes as well as the normal accounts approval and election of officers and committe a proposal to change the membership fees for 2022.


6 Nations Rugby.

All games are being shown live at the club, we have been busy espically for the England matches so arrive early to get a good seat.


Cheltenham Festival Races

We will be opening from 12 (noon) from the !5th MArch to the 18th so that you can all enjoy every race from Cheltenham on our bIg Screen




As you all be aware normally, we would have held our AGM for the year 2020 at the end of February, whilst we did consider attempting to convene the meeting via “Zoom”, the officers decided that it was likely we would still not achieve enough attendees to qualify as a valid AGM.

Therefore, the AGM for 2020 will be held later this year once we have re-opened.

I am pleased however to be able to inform you that through careful management and maximising the Government funding that has been available, at the end of 2020 the club had retained its healthy financial position. 


Under normal circumstances the renewal date for club memberships would be the1st of March 2021.Members have had reduced access to the club facilities during 2020, and the club has not suffered during the year financially so I am pleased to advise you that the Officers and committee have all agreed that members with a valid membership to 28/2/2021 will have their membership extended to 28/2/2022 at NO CHARGE.

There will be donation envelopes available for anyone who still wishes to contribute to the club in lieu of a membership fee.

As you may be aware the club closed to new memberships during 2020 as we wanted to ensure there was always room at the club for our loyal members, this remains the case and no new memberships will be accepted when we re-open.

However, if you were a member during 2019/20 and did not for whatever reason renew your membership during 2020 we will accept on payment of the normal fees a late renewal.



We expect to be able to reopen on May 17th subject to any late changes by our Government, as far as we are aware table service and other restrictions will be in place exactly as we operated during October and November of 2020.

We look forward to welcoming all members back to the club then.







The Club is always pleased to welcome new members, particularly those from the local community. Current membership consists of people from all ages and all walks of life and occupations.

Doug Farrel